Teacher Union Collective Bargaining Agreement

Teacher Union Collective Bargaining Agreement

At the end of the page, you`ll find links to additional resources, including data on teachers` salaries and union donations to political candidates. Alaska: Leave Case Law: Kenai Peninsula Borough Sch. Dist. V. Kenai Peninsula Ed. Ass`n, 572 p.2d 416, 422 (Alaska 1977). “At first, it seems to us that issues of wages, hours to work and the amount of leave are so closely linked to the economic well-being of each teacher that they must be held negotiable according to our statutes.” Ohio: Legality of Collective Bargaining Status: Ohio Rev. Code Ann. § 4117.03 (A) (4) “Civil servants are entitled to it. negotiate with their public employers with a view to fixing working hours, working conditions and other conditions, as well as the continuation, modification or deletion of an existing provision of a collective agreement and the conclusion of collective agreements… Maine: Legal to strike Statute:Me. Rev. Stat.

Ann. tit. 26 § 964 (2) (C) (3) “. Civil servants, organizations of public officials whose agents, members and negotiators are authorized. engage in. a strike… » Jurisprudence: Sanford Highway Unit of Local 481, AFSCME Council No. 74 v. Sanford, 411 A.2d 1010 (Me. 1980) The board`s decision confirmed that the reinstatement of employees who participated in an illegal strike after the city committed prohibited practices was ordered without consideration. Florida: Pensions Case Law: Scott v. Williams, 107 d.3d 379, 389 (fla.

2013). “. Old-age pensions and social benefits are mandatory issues for public collective bargaining. ILLINOIS: Education employees at all levels are allowed to bargain under the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Act. However, several types of workers, including supervisors, managers, confidential employees, short-term facilitators and students, are legally excluded from any negotiation. Deadlocked proceedings include mediation and fact-finding. Arbitration proceedings are permitted. Strikes are allowed if several conditions set by the statutes are met. Pennsylvania: Insurance or ancillary benefits Jurisprudence: International Broth. by Firefighters and Oils, Local 1201, AFL-CIO v.

Board of Educ. Dist of the school. of Philadelphia, 457 A.2d 1269, 1272 (Pa. 1983). Ancillary benefits are subject to appropriate collective bargaining. Maryland: Collective bargaining governed by national law and/or administrative code Law: M. Code Ann., Educ:§§6-401-411 Certified employee organizations New Jersey: Management rights Regulation: N.J. Admin. Code 6A: 10-1.3 “No collective agreement that was entered into after the 1st It is contrary to the educator evaluation system put in place under these rules or another specific law or regulation, and negotiation issues should not be matters of educational policy or management prerogatives. » KANSAS: The law allows the negotiation of all public employees.

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